Money Bag Toddler Costume

It’s in the Money BagToddlers are a lot of things ” emotional, irrational, and cute as can be. They are also picky, demanding, hilarious, sweet, fascinating, and…expensive. And no matter how much you keep insisting that your tots get a job, they seem uninterested in contributing to the family income. Well, we can’t really blame them…yet.But, you can lift your spirits by dressing them in this Toddler Money Bag Costume this Halloween. It’s adorable all on its own or it makes a perfect accompaniment to a robber costume for a sibling. And who knows, maybe it’ll inspire your children to actually care about the value of money. Er, on second thought, best let them enjoy the carefree days of their youth while they can. 

Design & Details
In order to do this costume justice, our in-house designers pulled off a real bank heist of their own, just so they would know what a bag stuffed full of bills would really look like! Ok, so no, not really. But they had fun pretending. Instead, they spent time crafting this costume’s pullover velour tunic that’s shaped like a full money bag. It has a big black dollar sign emblazoned on the front, just like in an old-timey bank heist movie! The top is decorated with $50 and $100 bills printed on felt, as is the cap.A True Crowd PleaserLet’s be honest, this costume is bound to be a hit. After all, who doesn’t want to see a big bag of money approaching their door? Your neighbors will all get a kick out of this cute and clever costume. 

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: 18MO

Color: Black & Brown & Green

Material: Polyester


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Money Bag Toddler Costume

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