Monarch Butterfly Infant Onesie

Mini MilkweedThe second you knew you were having a child, you started planning the nursery. Monarch butterflies decorated the walls, perched on bookshelves, and hung from a musical mobile above the crib. The room was perfectly peaceful and full of the potential to grow with your child. When you brought home your squirmy baby, the décor took on new significance. Similarities between baby and butterfly came to light. You started calling your little one Milkweed after the monarch nickname and their bottomless craving for milk. Watching them grow from squishy wriggler like a pupa to an army-crawling cutie was magical. When they raised their head in tummy-time, they looked like a caterpillar. It was impossible to completely separate their transformations from the live cycle of the butterfly filling their world. Then they stood up. They stretched their rollie arms, let out a cheer, and plopped back on their bottom with a grin. You knew your little milkweed was about ready to take flight!

Design & Details
Before they’re running into the sunshine on their own two feet, capture more beauty in the fleeting moments with this Monarch Butterfly Onesie for Infants! This exclusive onesie costume comes from our Made By Us team and offers both style and comfort. The costume starts with a black plush hooded onesie. Bright orange sculpted plush provides texture to the belly and top of the hood and that familiar monarch coloring. Getting your baby in and out of the costume is made simple with a hook-and-loop fastener along the front of the left shoulder and black snap tape at the inseam, which also allows quick diaper access. Dressed in the cuddly-soft onesie, your little one looks like the sweetest caterpillar. Help them transform into a beautiful butterfly with the included foam-backed wings! The wings are printed like monarch wings and feature hook-and-loop fastener strips that attach to the back of the bodysuit. So, you’ll be able to move your baby between caterpillar and butterfly as needed to keep them comfy! Baby Butterfly Costume IdeasThey may not be ready for a complete metamorphosis, but your cutie is ready to fly with this brilliant butterfly baby costume! Create a charming parent-and-pupa Halloween costume by spreading your wings in ensembles from our full butterfly selection. Get the whole family involved by exploring the insect population available with our bug costumes. Or see where your sweet baby monarch flies next when you add this costume and any of our infant animal costumes to their growing dress-up box!

Brand: FUN Wear

Gender: Unisex

Size: 0/3mo

Color: Black & Orange

Material: Polyester


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Monarch Butterfly Infant Onesie

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