MLP Movie Pipp Petals Kid and Toddler Costume

Pony UpWalking around the farm, you can find all kinds of awesome animals. The cows say moo, the pigs say oink, the horses neigh the list goes on! Instead of wandering aimlessly, though, next time you go to a farm you should find you r way as directly as possible to the enclosure where they keep all the magical ponies!In the documentary “My Little Pony”, you can see all the kinds of amazing things that these wonderful creatures have been taught and bred to do. Some can fly, some can shoot rainbows and hearts, and still others can remain positive in even the most difficult situations. The wonderful world of magical ponies is close enough to touch, so next time you go to a farm, don’t miss out!Pretty in PinkFinding the perfect way to dress up like your favorite hero in the My Little Pony universe can be a real struggle, but with this MLP Movie Toddler/Child Pipp Petals Costume you will have done it! The dress features Pipp Petals as a large print directly on the fabric, surrounded by her famed musical notes and stars. The pretty pink and purple dress will make you feel like a princess with all its ruffles and ribbons! The included tiara and wings are the final pieces that complete the look with flair.Dressed for SuccessIf you are looking for the perfect Pipp Petals My Little Pony costume for your child or toddler, then you are in the right place! You will love seeing them run around in excitement when they have this costume on, just maybe don’t wear it to see actual ponies!

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Girls

Size: 3T/4T

Color: Pink & Purple

Material: Polyester

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MLP Movie Pipp Petals Kid and Toddler Costume

Catalog: DI116729-3T/4T Categories , , , Tags , , , , ,