Mischievous Cheshire Cat Girl’s Costume

Quick ChaosYou’ve probably noticed it a time or two. The sneaky smile that crosses the face of your kiddo. They’ve got an idea. Maybe it is a little prank that will make you fight the grin that wants to break out on your face in spite of the otherwise embarrassing scene. Perhaps it is the quirky way of answering a question without telling you what you want to know. (Ever asked if their room is clean only to get a wink and a response like “I can’t know everything! ” in reply?)

Design & Details
 If your bundle of chaos loves to quote a certain mad cat, this Mischievous Cheshire Cat costume is the perfect thing! This is a Made By Us design from our in-house team and starts with a whimsical pink and purple dress styled after Cheshire’s classic appearance. Tulle fringe at the cuffs, hemline, tip of the hook-and-loop-attached tail, and ankle cuffs create the silhouette of a fuzzy feline while the fabric headband tops everything off with a pair of matching ears. All that is left is your tyke creating an amazing memory as this chaotic character.

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Pink & Purple

Material: Polyester


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Mischievous Cheshire Cat Girl’s Costume

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