Minions | Union Suit

Bedtime for MinionsMinions know how to a good night’s rest! They have two major must-haves for bedtime. First, they make sure to settle down with nice bedtime story. It’s one of the things they absolutely need if they want to snooze without a hitch. That’s why Gru reads them a nice, comforting story each and every time they go down for a nap! Of course, the other thing they need before they can catch a few winks is a cozy pair of pajamas. Those little yellow cuties know that a good pair of soft pajamas will help lull you into a comfortable state, perfect for sleep! Well, if you want to nap like a Minion, then you’re going to want to cuddle up in this Minions onesie costumes and grab yourself a good storybook to read!

Product Details
Inspired by the little yellow characters from the Despicable Me movie series, this Minions Union Suit is an pajama-style jumpsuit that will have you looking like a Minion in no time. The suit is designed to look like a pair of blue overalls and yellow skin. The suit is also made out of ultra-soft fleece material that’s almost too cozy to believe. The suit is easy to change into, since it fits with a zipper down the front. Finally, the hood has a single eye on top, just like Kevin! Once you wriggle your way into this comfy suit, you’ll be ready for a nap… or possibly a costume party! Either way, you’re going to be the most comfortable henchman around! Sweet Dream, MinionIf you’re a fan of the Despicable Me movies or if you just want an ultra-cozy new pair of pajamas to wear during your next movie marathon, then this officially licensed union suit is an easy choice.

Brand: AME Sleepwear

Gender: Unisex

Size: 4

Color: Black & Blue & Yellow

Material: Polyester


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Minions | Union Suit

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