Minion Time Boys Blanket Sleeper

BEE-DO, BEE-DO, BEE-DOSound the siren! The mighty villain Gru is planning the biggest heist ever and needs more helpers! He’s put out the call to every villain staffing agency he can think of, but it isn’t until some small, yellow cuties save England (and the rest of the world) that he finds the sidekicks he needs. They’re great at providing backup, they have a language that only he and they can understand, and they are whizzes at running machinery. Besides these practical strengths, they’re also super cute and you’ll have their eternal gratitude if you just give them a banana. With them by his side, there’s nothing that Gru can’t do (as long as he allows plenty of extra time for fart jokes). 
Product Details
If your little one is sweet and funny with just a smidgen of take-over-the-world tendencies, then this officially licensed Minion Time Blanket Sleeper for Boys will be his new favorite outfit! The 100 percent polyester fleece onesie-style jumpsuit is ultra-comfortable and features ribbed knit cuffs on the wrists and ankles to lock in extra warmth. It zips up the front for easy dressing and is printed all over with Minion details, including yellow shoulders and arms, and blue denim-looking overalls just like the Minions’ overalls. The attached hood is printed with a one-eyed set of Minion goggles and sewn with spiky fabric “hair.” BANANAThis sleeper plays double duty as both the most comfortable loungewear ever and as a fantastically funny and easy costume for any dress-up occasions. Plus, its fabric is banana-safe. Go ahead and eat up! 

Brand: AME Sleepwear

Gender: Boys

Size: 10

Color: Blue & Yellow

Material: Polyester

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Minion Time Boys Blanket Sleeper