Minecraft Video Game Sword Accessory

DIAMOND SWORDS FROM THE SKIES! One of the most important things to keep at the ready while anyone is diving deep into the depths of the Minecraft world is a solid weapon that will help your special spelunker fight off the foes that are dwelling in the deep dark.Now, they’re probably down there to begin with in order to find some shining diamonds.  But, the choice is always so difficult.  Should they make a diamond pick or a diamond sword?  What about the armor! ?  They need them all, but which should come first! ? 

Product Details
You can help the entire process out and it won’t even run you the cost of a single node of diamond ore.  This Minecraft Sword Costume Accessory features the shining look of the epic diamond sword.  Whether your tyke plans on gearing up for a complete Minecraft Steve or just wants to enjoy fighting off a few zombies, this is the perfect accessory for the job!  HOURS OF MINING SPAREDWith this Minecraft Sword, your tyke will be able to take a huge sigh of relief.  That’s a lot of diamond ore that suddenly doesn’t need to be mined up!   Of course, now that it is safer to go into the depths to look for more diamonds, the cycle is likely to just start over.  But, that’s half the fun!   

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: Brown & Blue

Material: Plastic


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Minecraft Video Game Sword Accessory

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