Minecraft Kid’s Creeper Romper

Pretty CraftyYou’ve felt it too many times to count. While taking care of tasks throughout the house, you’re just sure that something is watching you. Before you know it, you can hear the faint sound of the approach. You look down the hall, expecting to see your tyke sneaking their way towards the kitchen where they might snatch a snack. Nothing. But, still, you can hear the sliding of their socks along the carpet and the slight giggle that they can’t help but make as they sneak ever closer. If it wasn’t so stinkin’ adorable, you’d be a little wigged out. Where did they learn this stealthy behavior! ?Well, we’re here to tell you that they could have gotten it from a notorious creature that dwells in the underground arenas of their favorite video game, Minecraft. These green, hissing Creepers are known for their tendency to show up when you least expect it! And, if a player isn’t careful enough, all their hard work could turn into a messy disaster in no time. So, before they get their hands in the cookie jar, maybe you should relent and just give them a treat!

Product Details
Better than cookies, you can give your little one this Minecraft Creeper Romper for Kids. This hooded romper is a one-piece outfit that is perfect for your little gamer. They’ll step into the shorts and slide their arms into the short-sleeves, featuring a rib knit cuff. The entire romper is printed with Creeper designs, a few TNT blocks, and the comical BOOM that is bound to happen wherever a Creeper creeps. It zips up for a quick fit and the hood even features a larger Creeper head design to let your little one feel like they’re part of the Minecraft world. Just be prepared for a few extra giggling fits as they hiss around the house!

Brand: AME Sleepwear

Gender: Male

Size: 10

Color: Green & Black & Red

Material: Polyester


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Minecraft Kid’s Creeper Romper

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