Minecraft Enchanted Diamond Armor Classic Costume for Kids

Enchanting Endurance Many folks look at the cute and peppy world of Minecraft and think that it is just a kiddo’s game. Now, don’t get us wrong. Those people are totally right! There’s adventure and exploration. Then you’ve got a ton of tremendous creativity that goes into unearthing Minecraft’s secrets before building up something astounding. Believe us: while your tykes are zipping around the block, they’re also achieving something truly astonishing!Did you know all those gold blocks in their bag mean they could be toting over 73 million pounds! Then, they can collect a few bones and manage to grow an entire garden of apple trees. And when those nasty zombies come a-knocking, a few bites of their homegrown treats have them back in fighting shape in a snap. We’ve gotta say that with all of those supernatural tricks up their sleeve, your little Minecraft monsters rock!   
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Turns out that farming up those stellar shinies helps them to craft the ultimate in Diamond Armor! Of course, you don’t have to worry about gathering all those tough-to-find components yourself. We’re happy to help with this officially licensed Minecraft Enchanted Diamond Armor Classic Costume. This jumpsuit is printed with the purple and gray blocky style that makes the magical armor so unique! The chest piece is designed to give the iconic square shoulders we all love and the matching headpiece is made of foam for an easy Enchanted Helmet, too! Don the DiamondWe know that your tyke is pretty amazing all on their own. Then again, the right kind of armor will only enhance their awesome inner nature! Help them bring their Minecraft magic to life with the Enchanted Diamond Armor look they’re sure to love. And if you really want to win the costume game, be sure to add a Diamond Sword to their inventory, too!

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Unisex


Color: Purple & White

Material: Polyester

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Minecraft Enchanted Diamond Armor Classic Costume for Kids

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