Minecraft Creeper Jumpsuit Costume for Kids

Cut Down on the ExplosionsWe’ve played a ton of Minecraft. Some might say a little too much Minecraft, because we have some thoughts on Creepers. It’s tough to blame them for their destructive behaviors! Those little green fellows are made out of dynamite and when they get a little excited, well, they go KABOOM! When they see your house, so perfectly built, they get so jazzed that they can’t even help themselves.The good news is that your little one ISN’T made out of dynamite, so they can get excited about new buildings all they want. Actually… now that we think about it, your little one would make a much better Creeper than the real Creepers out there. Maybe it’s time your child started roaming the biome as a Creeper. There’d be way fewer explosions that way!

Product Details
This simple Minecraft Creeper Jumpsuit Costume is the quickest way for your child to become the green critters from the iconic video game, Minecraft. The costume comes with a green jumpsuit that fits with a fastener in the back. It also comes with a foam-backed front panel that attaches to the jumpsuit. The front panel has that pixelated design, just like you might see in an actual game of Minecraft. Of course, one of the defining features of the Creeper is his block-shaped head. This costume comes with a plastic mask that fits with an adjustable elastic band around the back of the head. The mesh covering over the eyes allows for vision, but your child’s vision may be slightly impaired while wearing it.A Whole New Biome! If your child is ready to become the Creeper… or if you’d like to see a future with fewer explosions on the biomes, then this officially licensed costume is a perfect choice!

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Unisex

Size: 12-Oct

Color: Green

Material: Polyester


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Minecraft Creeper Jumpsuit Costume for Kids

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