Minecraft Classic Kid’s Skeleton Costume

Creep Around the CornerWhat’s that in the mines? The player has dug down and hit railway tracks. Ahead, in the darkness, there is movement where there aren’t any torches yet. There’s a flash of pixelated gray, a purple glow, and then nothing again. An arrow arcs out of the abyss and hits the player! What are they to do? It’s a skeleton, and it has an Enchanted Bow! Let your child “play” their favorite video game as a bad guy this Halloween. In this Kids Minecraft Classic Skeleton Costume, they can dart from shadow to shadow, lurking in wait for unsuspecting players.Product DescriptionsNo individual bones here! This skeleton is printed onto a jumpsuit for easy wear and great graphics. The perfectly replicated pixel pattern is accented by the suit’s classic boxy shape, which comes as a separate piece. Simply slide the box piece over the head and attach on the back’s velcro type fasteners. The mask is plastic and uses elastic behind the head to keep the square skull front in place. All that’s left is to find some black or gray shoes to complete the look! As a bonus, find or make the skeleton’s signature weapon, a bow. Keep to the ShadowsDon’t forget Minecraft skeletons burn in the sun! You don’t want to turn into bone meal and fertilize some player’s crops. So keep to the shadows, or wait to head out for trick or treating until the sun sets. After all, skeletons spawn at night. That’s when players who choose to stay awake must suffer the consequences! If your child would rather be a creeper, check out our website! We have the perfect creeper costume for you. Either way, it’s sure to be a spooky (and very pixelated) Halloween with this Minecraft costume. Look out, players!    

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Unisex


Color: Black & Gray

Material: Polyester

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Minecraft Classic Kid’s Skeleton Costume

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