Minecraft Classic Ender Dragon Kid’s Costume

Dragons Are A Kid’s Best Friend “How can something this cute be this destructive?” All parents have asked themselves this question at least once. The big-eyed, tousle-headed imp capable of such charm is also capable of breaking the window with a plastic sword or jumping headfirst off of the swing set to see if he could fly. We might ask ourselves the same thing of the Ender Dragon. This Minecraft boss is possibly the most adorable of all of the Minecraft mob characters (although with Zombie, Creeper, and Slime in the running, that might not mean much). Don’t let your kid hear us saying that, though! We meant fearsome, not adorable. Please don’t unleash the purple fireballs. Come to think of it, maybe that’s why most kids love dragons so much. They’re mysterious monsters, yet flamingly feisty a winning combination!
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Your child will be rip-roaring ready to fly in this officially licensed Minecraft Classic Ender Dragon Kids’ Costume! Everything he needs to be an authentic harbinger of Minecraft doom is included in this costume. You get a black block-detailed jumpsuit, a felt tail with block “spines,” and the signature wings, made of foam. The plastic dragon headpiece slips on over the jumpsuit’s black hood for a comfortable fit. You can see its purple eyes seeking out its next unsuspecting target!Dragon Attack! There’s so much fun to be had raining fireballs on peaceful miners! This dragon is so wily that no one will be able to defeat it for those experience orbs. Better just run for cover!

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Unisex


Color: Black & Gray

Material: Polyester

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Minecraft Classic Ender Dragon Kid’s Costume

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