Minecraft Adaptive Wheelchair Pig Cover

Where the Pork Chops Roam FreeWhat a beautiful day in the Minecraft universe! The sun is out, which makes it less likely that we’ll get attacked by creepers, and it’s the perfect opportunity to leave the mines for a little while and go for a stroll. Perhaps we’ll see a new place to build a cool mansion, or – hey, look! A pig! Pigs are the best kind of mobs, because they’re absolutely delicious! This one seems a little odd, though: It’s not turning into pork chops. Also, it appears to have wheels. What a smart pig! 
Product Details
No need to put a saddle on this officially licensed Minecraft Pig Adaptive Wheelchair Cover because this one comes ready to fit on your “steed” of choice! The cover includes two sturdy cutouts that conceal the sides of your chair, but leave the wheels free for movement. Each side is printed with an image of a pink Minecraft pig wearing a saddle and walking along grass blocks with water graphics in the background. The sides strap on securely and are completely hands-free. You’ll look like you’re riding your vehicle hog along the Minecraft plains! Forget the Horse, Ride the PigComplement a Steve Minecraft costume or simply use this fun cover on its own! It’s sure to give you and your friends giggles. Even if you can’t turn it into pork chops, you can definitely use it to collect lots of Halloween candy. That’s definitely more fun than pork chops anyway!  

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: Green & Black & Pink

Material: Felt

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Minecraft Adaptive Wheelchair Pig Cover

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