Luigi Tween Girls Skirt Costume

Luigi’s all tied up with a serious plumbing job at the moment, and he’s unable to help his brother Mario rescue Princess Peach. Problem is, Mario really, really needs his brother for this mission, and someone has to fill in. And it has to be someone that fits the special look and spirit of Luigi… and yes, that includes that sweet ‘stache. If you think you’re up to the task of stepping into Luigi’s shoes (and since you’re here, we’re guessing that the answer is yes!), we’ve got you covered… and that includes that last detail. So help Mario save the day and get your mustache on with this awesome Tween Luigi Skirt Costume!This suit puts a whole new spin on the taller of the Mario Brothers while still capturing his classic look. The top half of the dress is patterned after Luigi’s signature overalls, which are naturally a bright blue. That, in turn, is accented with a green undershirt (which is part of the dress) and a green cap with a distinct “L” on the front. You also get the white cartoon gloves, and of course, that crucial detail… the mustache. It comes on the end of a stick, so it doesn’t have to be stuck on your face all night. And just as Luigi grows to three times his size when he eats a mushroom, so will you transform into Luigi with the help of this deceptively simple mustache stick!You’ll have all the Goombas convinced you’re Luigi this Halloween — except with a whole new stylish look — when you join Mario in this Tween Luigi Skirt Costume!

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Girls

Size: XL

Color: Blue & Green

Material: Polyester

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Luigi Tween Girls Skirt Costume

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