Lost Boy Costume for Kid’s

Wanted: Lost Boy LeaderRagtag group of boys seeks qualified leader to assist them with daily lost boy duties. Eligible candidate must be talented with swordplay and must be willing to fly through the air. Candidates must also be willing to fight pirates at a moment’s notice and must be capable of rescuing princesses. Candidates will also be expected to act as liaison between the boys and magical fairies, should the need arise. Candidates must also have access to someone who will tell stories to the rest of the Lost Boys (preferably someone named Wendy). Finally, all applicants must have their own Neverland outfight. See below for more details.Is your child ready for a brand new career change?

Product Details
This Child Lost Boy Costume will help get your child into shape to lead the Lost Boys! It’s loosely inspired by the classic character, Peter Pan, from the J.M. Barrie novels. The costume starts with a simple, forest green, pullover tunic with a jagged cut bottom and short sleeves. It also has rope lacing in the front. The green tights stretch to fit and are one-size-fits-most. The rope belt ties around the waist and to finish the whole look off, it outfit comes with a hat. The green cap has a point in front and it even has a bright red feather on top! Watch Out for Captain HookIf your child is ready to enter the world of Neverland, then you’ll need the perfect outfit! This Peter Pan style outfit makes for a great way for any kid to take on the important role of leader of the Lost Boys. Just make sure to equip your young adventurer with one of our toy swords, because there’s just no telling when Captain Hook is going to show up to make some trouble!

Brand: Charades

Gender: Unisex

Size: L

Color: Green

Material: Polyester


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Lost Boy Costume for Kid’s

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