Loaf of Bread Infant Costume

The Best Thing Since Sliced BreadSometimes being a baby can be hard. Milk or formula is tasty, of course, but while you’re drinking your bottle, you have to watch the rest of the family chomping away on delicious-looking dishes that have so far been denied to you. Tyrants! Just because they have all of their teeth, they think they can call the shots! Be patient, though, for someday you too will be able to taste all of the foods you’ve been so eager to try, including the wondrous substance that is frequently smeared with peanut butter or dusted with cinnamon sugar. Someday…

Product Details
Your baby will be a carbohydrate cutie in this fun Loaf of Bread Costume for Infants! The sleeveless flannel bunting fastens at the bottom and has roomy arm holes so that your baby can wear the bunting over a lightweight outfit. The attached hood has a hole for your baby’s face and is shaped like the fanned-out end of a plastic bread bag. It’s printed with fun graphics, including the top of a delicious-looking sliced loaf and the words “Awesome Bread Slices.” Who Wants a Sandwich? If your little one is so cute that you could just eat them up, then they absolutely need this fun costume! Imagine how hilarious it would be to pair their outfit with a family food theme: Jelly, cheese, and peanut butter are just a few of the many options. Beware: You may make other Halloween trick-or-treaters and partygoers hungry with your amazing ensembles. 

Brand: Rasta Imposta

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: Yellow & Blue & White

Material: Polyester


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Loaf of Bread Infant Costume

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