Little Prairie Girl Costume for Toddlers

A Bee in her BonnetDoes your little one have a case of prairie brain? It’s nothing to worry about. Actually, it’s a good thing! She’s daydreaming about blue skies, endless horizons, and yes, there’s probably a pony of her own somewhere in that daydream. And really, who could blame her? Who doesn’t crave wide open spaces every once in a while? Why not let your child get in touch with her inner pioneer to make her feel like she’s heading west?Once she’s wearing a bonnet and bloomers she can pretend to be on the range in no time. She can pretend to sing with meadowlarks and ride her pony over the rolling hills that are covered in green grass and bright daisies. While it’s going to be a lot of fun for her to play pretend in this dress, it’s also sure to create some perfectly picturesque moments. Your child might be twirling in a field of flowers in your city limits but we’re sure you’ll be able to take a picture that looks like it’s straight out of the great westward migration!

Product Details
This pretty pink pioneer dress looks like it’s straight out of the history books. The checkered dress has a peter pan style collar and a bow with a pinafore style apron attached. A ruffle of lace accents the sleeves, matching the bloomers the peep out from under the hem. A ruffled cap tops off this look, making your child feel ready to get into character! A Basket full of PosiesAre you ready to see your child embrace their love of history? With just the right amount of ruffle, your kiddo can still run and play. This costume is great for historic occasions like the Victorian Faire or Rendezvous, as well as plays, photo shoots, and even regular playtime. Put a basket of flowers in your child’s hands and watch as she transforms into a picturesque prairie girl!

Brand: California Costume Collection

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Brown & Pink

Material: Polyester


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Little Prairie Girl Costume for Toddlers