Little Clown Infant Costume

Natural RingleaderLadiiiiiiiiiieeees and gentlemen! ! We’re so glad to have you here at the greatest circus of all time! You’ve seen the death-defying feats of the acrobats! You’ve seen the animal trainers put their heads fearlessly into the jaws of ferocious beasts! You might be wondering, what could possibly top the acts you’ve already seen? Well, get ready to have your minds blown, because this next act will have you standing on your seats, clapping and cheering! It will have you taking countless photos that you’ll never be able to bring yourself to delete! That’s right: Please welcome the cutest clown you’ve ever seen!  

Product Details
In this Little Clown Costume for Infants, your child will get a standing ovation without ever pulling out a balloon animal or unicycle! The colorful, sleeveless tunic slips on over lightweight street clothes and ends just above the knee with a puffy, pantaloon-like hem. The bottom is made of cheerful yellow fabric printed all over with a pattern of green, blue, pink, and white dots. The top features a blue background with attached red-and-white-striped suspenders and a sewn-on orange tie with white dots. The oversized shoe covers are yellow with purple toes and lace-up detail. Top it off with the orange wig that’s decorated with a big yellow flower and green bow with white polka dots!  Little Laugh RiotYour child is amazing at making you laugh, even when he’s not trying. Celebrate his comedic ability with this adorable costume! You’ll have a quality humor act any day he wears it. 

Brand: MOM

Gender: Unisex

Size: 12/24mo

Color: Blue & Purple & Yellow

Material: Polyester


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Little Clown Infant Costume

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