Link Breath of the Wild Classic Costume for Kids

Hyrule and BeyondExploring the vast wilds of Hyrule is an exciting adventure that anyone can enjoy. Perhaps you love finding a bunch of rare materials, throwing them in a pot, and watching them bounce and jive until you’ve got a brand new meal. Maybe sneaking up to those camps of bokoblins and watching them freak out when they realize you’ve pilfered all their weapons is what really fills your hearts to max. Rescuing rupees from pots and untended grass is glorious and so is offering them up to the Great Fairies and watching your gear get an awesome upgrade. But, you’ve already collected the rarest finds from the far off Gerudo Desert to the tippy tops of the fiery Death Mountain in Eldin. You’ve soared with the Rito and dove deep to impress the Zora. So what’s next? Well, there’s one zone that Link hasn’t explored yet and it is time to bring the Champion of Hyrule through the portal to continue the fun!

Product Details
 Get your tyke in fighting form for Halloween or the next great Nintendo release with this officially licensed Breath of the Wild Classic Link costume. This Legend of Zelda costume is designed to replicate Link’s iconic look in the Champion’s tunic from Breath of the Wild. The blue tunic has white accents and a tan panel as well as an attached chest harness. Two faux belts cinch the look together, too! They can strap on a pair of Link boots and equip their Master Sword and Hylian Shield and they’ll be ready to save this world as well. Looking for ZeldaWhen your kiddo has looked everywhere in Hyrule for the Sacred Princess, it might be time to bring the search to Earth. With this Link Breath of the Wild costume, they can! (And we have Zelda costumes to make the adventure even better.)

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Unisex

Size: 12-Oct

Color: Yellow & Blue

Material: Polyester


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Link Breath of the Wild Classic Costume for Kids

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