Lil’ Hedgehog Infant Costume

Hedgehog the SpotlightLike so many others, your child’s favorite stories are full of fun animals. But for some inexplicable reason, your kiddo has always been more drawn to the woodland scenes than anything else. Maybe you have a future forest ranger on your hands, as they seem to gravitate to books and toys based on deer and raccoons, rabbits and squirrels, bears and hedgehogs. Hedgehogs? Yep, they are arguably your little one’s most beloved creatures. What can you say? Every kid is an individual, and your tot has taken a liking to the loveable little hedgehog. How cute! Just imagine, then, the adorable mashup of your kiddo’s face peeking out of this Infant Lil’ Hedgehog Costume…talk about first Halloween costume magic! Not only will this cute costume have your kid looking every bit the part of a huggable hedgehog, but it will also keep them cozy all evening long, so you can show them off door to door as your family trick or treats! They are bound to steal the spotlight this holiday as their favorite woodland critter.

Design & Details
A cuddly brown velour suit forms the basis of your child’s transformation, and plush brown spiky “fur” adorns the hedgehog’s legs, body, and head in all the right places. There is an attached hood that contains a cute hedgehog face, with room for your baby’s sweet grin below it. Little paw covers still manage to keep your kiddo’s hands free to explore (so important for an infant! ), and the footie covers have grips on the bottom and hedgehog claws for warmth, function, and effect!  

Brand: Fun World

Gender: Unisex

Size: 12/18mo

Color: Brown & Beige

Material: Polyester


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Lil’ Hedgehog Infant Costume

Catalog: INCK6104-12/18mo Categories , , , Tags , , , ,