Light Up Fairy Girl’s Costume

The Real HeroesBehind every amazing fairy tale is an amazing fairy! Where would Cinderella be without her fairy godmother or Peter Pan be without his Tinkerbell? These plucky pixies are often the true heroes of a tale, freely helping others with their magic and making the world a much more beautiful place. These days, they’re harder to spot in the wild, but you might hear the flutter of small wings when someone shows their kindness with a good deed. 

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Your little fairytale enthusiast is going to look like a magical creature in this Light Up Fairy Costume for Girls! The fanciful dress features a multicolored bodice with gold ribbon lace-up detail and ruffly purple sleeves. Petal-shaped ruffles made of purple organza and decorated with gold glitter curlicues are sewn around the waist. The long skirt features a purple underskirt and a blue mesh top layer that is sewn with mini LED lights. Finish the outfit off with the purple wings and curly antennae headband!  All the Sugar, All the TimeDid you know that fairies adore Halloween? The little creatures actually live off of sugary substances: The nectar of flowers, the juices of wild berries, the caramel in the center of a chocolate bar. So you can’t blame them if they want to eat all of their trick or treat candy in one night. Honestly, they need it to survive. Haven’t you ever taken any classes on the habits and lifestyles of magical creatures? 

Brand: Rubies Costume Co. Inc

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Purple & Blue

Material: Polyester


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Light Up Fairy Girl’s Costume

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