Laura Ingalls Wilder Kid’s Costume

Little House, Big DreamsWhen Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote about her childhood as a pioneer, she captured the imaginations of millions of children. She brought life in the wilderness to life with her descriptions of the joys, hardships, and changing seasons. Every kid who read Little House in the Big Woods wanted to try maple syrup fresh from the tree while Little House on the Prairie had them dreaming of tall grass and wild horses.Whether your child dreams of living in a dugout like the one on Plum Creek or learning to read in a one-room schoolhouse, this Laura Ingalls Wilder costume is a great way to bring those stories that Laura wrote down so long ago to life once more!

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 As with most of our exclusive costumes, this Made by Us dress is all about quality. Our in house designers brought all sorts of historical details into this look such as the brass buttons and lightly puffed sleeves. It zips up the back to make changing into this look nice and easy.Simple yet elegant, this dress is perfect for school projects, historic occasions, playing dress-up, and even dressing as a pioneer for Halloween! Check out the rest of our historic costume to find looks for Ma, Pa, and Mary! Hitch Your WagonIs your little half-pint ready to step into her role on the prairie? This costume can be customized with accessories to suit your needs just right. A bonnet, straw hat, a crisp white apron, or even a picnic basket can help your little one get into character. In the meantime, might as well revisit Laura Ingall’s world once more to memorize new phrases once more. “All’s well that ends well” and “Little pitchers have big ears” might just deserve a place in our everyday speech!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Blue & White

Material: Polyester


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Laura Ingalls Wilder Kid’s Costume

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