Kitty Cat Infant Costume

Here, Pretty Kitty KittyInfants and kittens have a lot in common  ” they are both so small when they are born, so cuddly and cute, and their little mews and oohs can stir the hearts of even the most steadfast parent. They are both sort of nocturnal, too, and will take any opportunity to be held close and warm and to get into mischief in the few hours they are awake. Wow, they really are similar, huh? As if you needed any more reasons to dress your babe as a little black kitty for Halloween!  There’s nothing more classic than a black cat on Halloween, and this adorable Infant Kitty Cat Costume takes the concept to a whole new level of cute. Part party dress, part cat costume, this look will help your tot look her best for her trick or treating debut. 

Design & Details
Designed in-house by our team of talented costume creators, this exclusive look turns your baby into a vision of Halloween magic. The dress’s fuzzy black bodice has a pink belly patch and long sleeves, while the tutu skirt feautres a sparkly tulle overlay and a big black bow at the waist. A tail attached to the back of the dress makes this costume sheer perfection, as does the cat-ear headband! They Grow Up FastEventually, your little kitten will grow and grow into a black cat who can prowl the streets for candy on her own, so enjoy this moment to carry your classic black kitty close and show her off this holiday. 

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: 0/3mo

Color: Black & Pink

Material: Polyester


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Kitty Cat Infant Costume

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