King Crown Kids Accessory

The Kid KingSure, it seems crazy. Putting the fate of an entire kingdom into the hands of a kid seems pretty risky… but it’s actually pretty common throughout human history. Let’s see, King Edward III of England was crowned king at the age of fourteen. Henry III of England took the throne when he was the tender age of nine. And then there was Henry VI of England, who became the king at less than a year old. Can you imagine putting one so young in charge of an entire kingdom? Well, if they had what it takes to rule, we’re betting that your child has a pretty good chance of being a great king! They just need the crown, like this Kid’s King Crown Accessory, to prove it.

Product Details
This Kid’s King Crown is the easiest way to transform your child into the ruling regent of your home! It’s made out of a polyester velour fabric and features faux fur accents to give it a traditional, royal style. It also features metallic gold trim and a red plastic gemstone to add to the look. Your child can wear it around the house or take it to the Renaissance Faire!

Brand: Rubies Costume Co. Inc

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: Red

Material: Polyester


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King Crown Kids Accessory