Killer Cockroach Girl’s Costume

The Shadows under the Fridge Are MovingAfter all of these years, the bugs are getting restless. At first, they were happy to creep along the baseboards and eat crumbs, but that was before those horrible humans tried to step on them. Now, they’re angry. They can survive a nuclear blast and having their own heads cut off – they can definitely plan the perfect crime. And then, one glorious day, the entire fridge will be theirs for the taking!  

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Have a scream-worthy Halloween in this Killer Cockroach Dress for Girls! The short, sleeveless dress is made of dark blue material that’s printed all over with images of brown cockroaches. Matching fingerless gloves are just what you need to get a good grip on your weapon of choice. The whole dress has an overlay of lacy black mesh material that covers the front and hangs in thick streamers from your knees to your ankles. A mesh veil is decorated with fake cockroaches. Don’t Mess with the Creepy CrawliesBugs are creepy in general thanks to their antennae and extra legs, and their habit of turning up in places where you don’t want them (like inside a can of soda), but put a knife into one of their hands and they get even more terrifying! This Halloween, your unique costume will be just what you need for trick-or-treating with friends. Plus, unlike most bugs, you’re willing to ask nicely for your sugary treats, rather than crawling inside the sealed wrappers. 

Brand: Seeing Red

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Black

Material: Polyester


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Killer Cockroach Girl’s Costume

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