Killer Clown Cutie Kid’s Costume

Friend or Foe? Tread carefully around this carnival clown. She looks like she might be sweet, with her fun and frilly dress, and her cute color combos. But there’s something about her that’s just not quite friendly. Maybe it’s the fact that her eyes seem a little too hard. Maybe it’s because her smile is a little too sharp. Or, more likely, it’s because she chases people around with a knife. Yes, that’s probably it. 

Product Details
There’s nothing quite as scary as an evil clown, and you’ll be the scariest of all when you wear this exclusive Killer Clown Cutie Costume for Kids! The knee-length dress is made of gray polyester and is trimmed with a cream-colored ruffled collar and skirt border. The bodice is sewn with three oversized red pom-poms and red and white-striped cord around the armholes and waist. The wrist cuffs are trimmed with matching cord, as are the ankle cuffs. Gray and white-striped leggings complete the outfit. Who Wants to See the Show? Step right up, step riiiiight up, ladies and gentlemen! For tonight only, you’ll be able to see a very special kind of act, right here at your own school, or in your own neighborhood, or wherever else you’re celebrating Halloween. Tonight, you’ll get a glimpse of the circus’s clown – but this is no ordinary clown act. It’ll have you asking yourself, “Did she just appear out of thin air? Why is she asking us if we want to float? Are we going to get out of here alive??” 

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Brown & Gray & Red

Material: Polyester


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Killer Clown Cutie Kid’s Costume

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