Kid’s US Navy Top Gun Jumpsuit

The One and Only MaverickYou’re the best of the best, but you like to play by your own rules. That might be why your superiors sent you to the Navy’s Fighter Weapons school to get schooled! You know everything there is to know about flying a fighter plane, but you don’t quite know yet how to be part of a team, which is honestly one of the most fun things about flying (other than buzzing the control tower). 

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The sky’s the limit when you wear your officially licensed US NavyTop Gun Jumpsuit Costume for Kids! The unisex jumpsuit zips up the front and is made of dark olive fabric that will help keep you warm in the high altitudes of your imagination. The pant legs have zippered flares and the wrists feature Velcro straps so that you can customize a snug fit. Cargo and zippered pockets are sewn to the legs and chest. The suit features four embroidered patches including the Top Gun logo. Talk to Me, Goose Grab your favorite wingman, your helmet, and your aviator shades, and get ready to take off into the danger zone! The first thing to do is figure out some cool code names for each other. “Iceman” and “Viper” are already taken, but there are plenty of other awesome options. And instead of dogfights with unknown MiGs, you’ll be focused on collecting trick-or-treat candy or having fun at a costume party. At least you won’t have to bail out in either situation!

Brand: Underwraps

Gender: Unisex

Size: L

Color: Green & Red & White

Material: Polyester


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Kid’s US Navy Top Gun Jumpsuit

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