Kid’s Snow White Classic Costume

The Fairest of them AllDoes your toddler already show an impressive aptitude for whistling? Does she often count cooking and cleaning among her favorite leisure activities? When she sings, do songbirds often alight upon her shoulders? Has she displayed a somewhat troubling eagerness to eat whatever food a passing stranger might hand to her? Do you sometimes avoid walks in the woods, because woodland creatures can’t help but flock to her? Does she occasionally display a natural friendliness towards small, kind elderly men? If you answered yes to one or all of these questions, then we know a certain royal Queen who would like to speak with you Just kidding! That Queen was defeated a few years ago but we do know a Snow White when we see one, and guess what, parents – sounds like you’ve landed a little darling who’s the fairest in all the land! Being compared to Snow White is a tall order known for being kind, gentle, energetic and cheerful, she’s got all the qualities that make a bunch of dwarves – even the grumpy ones – fall in love with her compassionate nature. But don’t let all that sweetness fool you: She’s as brave, resourceful, and determined as they come!
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So if your petite princess loves her dwarves and animal friends, then this Snow White Classic Toddler Costume will be the perfect thing for her to wear during her woodland-dwelling adventures! Modeled after Snow White’s iconic dress with a blue bodice, puffy red and blue striped sleeves, a yellow skirt, and a high white collar, there will be no mistaking who’s the fairest of them all when your little girl is wearing this costume! Add some yellow or red shoes and a red cape for a complete Disney Princess look. Heigh-ho, heigh-ho…off to imagination land she’ll go!

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Girls

Size: 2T

Color: Red & Blue & Yellow

Material: Polyester

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Kid’s Snow White Classic Costume

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