Kids Shark Backpack

Deadly Yet Adorable They are the silent hunters of the deep blue. Gliding through shadowed waters, they watch the swimmers above them with cold eyes and swim in for the kill. The water is their territory, but they’ve never been able to follow us onto the land until…OH NO, THERE’S ONE ON YOUR BACK! He looks kind of cute, though. Maybe this one is friendly!  

Product Details
This fantastic fish promises not to take a chomp out of anyone as long as you keep his gullet filled with your money, sunglasses, lip balm, and other necessities! The Shark Backpack for Kids is a sweet and funny way to keep your important possessions with you when you’re on the go. Its soft velour body is stuffed with fiberfill for that perfect shark shape and a vertical zipper in its back unzips to reval an inner pouch. The attached shoulder straps are length-adjustable. Sharks Need Cuddles TooSharks wouldn’t be so scary if they all looked like this guy! Who needs a dog when you have your very own fanged fish?  

Brand: Comeco

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: Gray & White

Material: Polyblend


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Kids Shark Backpack

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