Kid’s Poseidon Costume

King of the OceanOf all the Olympian gods, we’d want to be friends with Poseidon the most! His kingdom covers most of the Earth, and is filled with amazing creatures like sharks, sea horses, eels, and more. He knows where all of the sunken ships are, and where all of the best beaches can be found. Plus, his giant waves and fierce storms are incredible sights (as long as you’re watching from a safe distance! ) And when he’s in a good mood, you’ll definitely want to vacation along his kingdom’s edge. 

Product Details
Be ruler over all seven seas when you wear this exclusive Poseidon Costume for Boys! The outfit includes a shirt covered in big gold sequins that look like fish scales. A tan cape with an attached scarf drapes over the top and can be tucked into the wide gold-tone belt. Matching gold wrist cuffs decorate your arms and have cool fin details. Comfy green crinkle taffeta pants match the seaweed carpet in your underwater palace. A gold foam crown tops off your royal regalia!  The Fun Kind of Monarch Being king seems like a lot of work – unless you’re the king of the watery world. Then you could let your Great White Sharks and your mer-soldiers do all of your important stuff while you spend the day surfing waves and playing with dolphins. After all, who could be expected to sit in a throne room all day when there are so many coral reefs just waiting to be explored? 

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: L

Color: Orange & Blue & Brown

Material: Polyester


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Kid’s Poseidon Costume

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