Kid’s Pinocchio Costume

The Miraculous Fibber Once upon a time, there was a little tyke who came up with a genius plan to get delicious snacks. Already a mischievous sort of kiddo, they had been cursed by the blue fairy so that their nose would grow whenever they told a fib. So, all little Pinocchio did was tell everyone that whenever they told the truth, their nose would get bigger! Sure enough, their nose grew. They told the townspeople about being a living puppet, too, and pop went their nose again. Soon, the stories were all about the treats. “I’m going to get sick if you don’t give me candy! ” Well, the nose grew and little Pinocchio had all the candy they could handle. Before long, it was time to tell the grandest of tales. “My folks have been eaten by a whale! Please, I need a bunch of candy in order to save them! ” But, their nose didn’t grow! The people were confused, but nobody was as surprised as Pinocchio! How would this mischief-maker collect enough candy, now! ? 

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We certainly appreciate a story that is well told, so we are here to help all the little Pinocchios get the treats they deserve. This Pinocchio costume is a jumper that will transform your tyke into the iconic puppet kiddo with a penchant for fibs. Your kiddo can skip to some of their favorite Disney tunes or tell an entirely new tale in this pair of red shorts, the yellow shirt, and the attached black vest. The cap and collar both have a bright blue ribbon (clearly a gift from the Blue Fairy) and the elastic nose is there for when it is time for those fibs to be told!  An Honest HeroIt seems that every legend of Pinocchio teaches this kiddo that the truth is the best way to go. Of course, we’re sure that your kiddo is going to enjoy all the stories they can tell in this Pinocchio costume. (Just don’t forget the snacks! ) 

Brand: Funny Fashions

Gender: Male

Size: 6

Color: Black & Red & Yellow

Material: Polyester


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Kid’s Pinocchio Costume

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