Kid’s Pink Milkshake Costume

Malt Shop MadnessWhen caramel flooded the streets in front of Sweetie Pie’s Ice Cream Shop, one question was on the lips of the people, “Whose idea was it to hire a seven-year-old as the manager?”. At first, the young manager’s reign was going pretty well. She had been playing ice cream shop at home since she was two, so she had more experience than many of the employees. Passionate about sweets, she made sure each sundae had a perfectly swirled dollop of whip cream on top and personally ordered five new flavors of colorful ice cream.For a bit, Sweetie Pie’s was one of the most popular spots in town but there were warning signs that it all was about to go awry. The Sundaes kept getting bigger and bigger. But no one could have predicted a flood of salted caramel coating the sidewalks and causing sugar cravings throughout the neighborhood on a quiet afternoon!

Product Details
This Milkshake costume is a whole lot of over-the-top fun! The photo-realistic finish on sturdy yet flexible foam is sure to cause cravings for onlookers. The glass is overflowing in candy as well as a straw and sparkly fabric for whipped cream texture. Topped off with a cookie headband, the look is as sweet as can be! As it slips over your kid’s own clothing, this costume can be used in summertime parades as well as during brisk Halloween activities.We All ScreamHiring your kiddo to manage an ice cream shop might be a scary idea even though there’s no doubt that they’re the boss when it comes to loving sugar. This costume makes for a great compromise! Why not treat your self and shake things up this year? Ordering this Milkshake Costume will make for some sweet Halloween memories!

Brand: Morris Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: Brown & White

Material: Polyester Foam


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Kid’s Pink Milkshake Costume

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