Kids’ Pickle Costume

Life is like a pickle, sometimes salty, sometimes sour, sometimes sweet yet it goes with every dish.- Christin KornettoQuite the PicklePut your child in a pickle this Halloween! No, we dont mean a difficult situation, we mean a literal pickle. Grab this Pickle Costume and transform your little one into one of the worlds tastiest treats. Were positive theyll come home from trick-or-treating with plenty of scrumptious sweets. As soon as anyone sees a huge pickle standing at their front door they will be overjoyed. They’ll feel inclined to toss an extra candy bar or two in your little ones treat bag. Just be sure to keep an eye on your youngster. You dont want to risk the chance of any pickle fiends trying to take a bite out of your sweet little pickle.

Design & Details
One thing we love about pickles is that they can take many different shapes and forms. Pickle chips are a great addition to a burger. Relish is perfect with a hot dog. Pickle spears are the perfect palette cleanser with a sandwich, making every bite taste like the first. And, now, a Pickle Tunic is the perfect costume! The tunic is hooded and has arm and leg openings. It is designed to look like the tastiest pickle anyone has ever laid eyes on. Feel free to grab some cartoon-hand gloves for your child to make their Halloween getup look more comical. Green face paint wouldnt hurt either.So Many Pickles, So Little TimeYour kid will love being in a pickle. Now its just up to your little one to decide what kind of pickle they will be. A salty one, one with a bit of a sour tang, or just a lovable sweet pickle. Whichever way they lean, were sure theyll be a big dill in the neighborhood this Halloween!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: L

Color: Green

Material: Polyester


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Kids’ Pickle Costume

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