Kid’s Minecraft Creeper Inflatable Costume

Things that Creep in the NightYour child is a Minecraft master. Whenever they can, theyre dedicating their creativity to building epic villages and platforms for other Minecrafters to explore. Deep in the virtual caves, they mine for the rarest materials, no fear of what NPCs may be lurking in the unlit sections. On the surface, however, their story is a little different. Theyve experienced the stress of nighttime in their digital world. They know the impact a dastardly Creeper can have on even the sturdiest construction. So, they always take care to protect their wares and most importantly home base from the terrifying green creatures.When your child came to you, frustrated that they couldnt think of a good and scary Halloween costume, it didnt take you long to come up with something they could love. What could be scarier than a monster that creeps in the night just waiting to catch unprepared people in their random chaos? What could possibly get worse than a creature that destroys anything in its path without so much as a sigh of a warning that theyre about to attack?

Product Details
Get your master Minecrafter ready to scare the pixelated pants off every Halloween reveler, with this Minecraft Creeper Costume for children! This simple to operate wearable inflatable comes with just about everything they need to bring one of those chaotic Creepers into the real world. The blocky look of the suit is emphasized by the printed pixel patterns that give this costume the signature gloomy gaze of its inspiration. The included fan is powered by 4 AA batteries (not included) and will even give a hiss-like notice to anyone not expecting a devastating Creeper to drop in for some Halloween fun.Make an ImpactIf your kid is looking for a recognizable spook to masquerade as for Halloween, they have plenty of options. They can choose vampires and ghosts that always cause a stir. They could dig through pop culture and imitate horror movie characters. Or, they can make their impact with this Minecraft Child Creeper Inflatable Costume that knows how to scare even the most hardened of individuals!

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: Green & Black

Material: Polyester


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Kid’s Minecraft Creeper Inflatable Costume

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