Kid’s Minecraft Classic Armor Costume

No Crafting Skills NecessaryIn order to make items in Minecraft, you need certain ingredients. You need a crafting table, for one, to make everything on. And then there are hundreds of recipes that all require certain woods, gems, stones, and more. It can take a long time for a gamer to build up their world, but when they have, it is truly a work of art! Fortunately, it takes no time at all to get your child outfitted in this Kids Minecraft Classic Armor Costume. They’ll be ready to start crafting and playing right away!

Product Details
This tunic and helmet are based off of the much coveted diamond armor from the game. The teal armor has pixelated printed details, as if this costume just floated off of a computer screen. No heavy or hard materials here, though! Both pieces are fabric with foam padding to help them hold their boxy shapes. The shirt pulls on over the head and closes at the back with velcro type fasteners. And the helmet is secretly an elastic cap, so it will fit well on most heads!  Off to the NetherWith this tough, protective armor, your child is ready to brave the lava-filled regions of the Nether and fight the many skeletons, piglins, and endermen that live there, if they dare. They are also ready to have a great time with friends! Whether it’s a night of Halloween trick or treating or a child’s birthday party, this costume will inspire lots of creative play.  

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Male

Size: 12-Oct

Color: Green & White

Material: Polyblend


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Kid’s Minecraft Classic Armor Costume

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