Kids Inflatable Green Dino Costume

Go BigWhen it comes to life, your kiddo only has one motto: Go big or go home. Cool! We love a bold child who knows how to take life by the tail and show it who’s boss. And we love it, even more, when that personality comes out in the choice of Halloween costume.This is why we think your child will flip for this Kid’s Inflatable Green Dino Costume! It’s…not your average felt dinosaur getup. Nope, not for your little one! It’s a fully inflatable big ole’ green giant that will turn your child into the talk of the town after trick-or-treating. Trust us, no one will have a costume quite like this loveable dino!  

Product Details
This nifty look is actually simple to wear…once your kid gets the hang of navigating doorways. It’s a simple jumpsuit that inflates to cover the entire body, head to toe. Your child’s face will stick out via the opening under the dinosaur’s head, so they can still hang with their friends and laugh and eat candy all Halloween long. Dinosaurs love candy, that’s a fact! Dino Love ForeverNow that your child has found this perfectly BIG dino costume to match their personality, make sure you keep it on hand well past Halloween. You never know when your child will want to play “dino” and slip it on to run through your backyard! And since it’s so easy to inflate, they can wear it as much as they want. 

Brand: Joyin

Gender: Unisex

Size: M

Color: Green

Material: Polyester


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Kids Inflatable Green Dino Costume

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