Kids Inflatable Dog Costume

A Tail of TransformationYour kid has been begging for a dog. Every day they come home with some research they’ve printed out about how pets make kids healthier, happier, and more fulfilled. They report back to you every time one of their classmates gets a dog. And they spend hours scouring the internet for the perfect furry friend to adopt. While you aren’t ready to take the plunge on a cuddly new family member yet, this Kid’s Inflatable Dog Costume will do wonders for any avid animal lover. We’ve done our own exclusive research, and we’re pretty sure that finding this Halloween costume will also make your child really, really happy. We know, it’s not exactly the same as having a new dog. But becoming a dog is still pretty cool! At the very least, it may buy you a few months to prepare yourself for the inevitable. But at its best, this costume proves so fun your child will totally forget about needing to get a dog right now!  

Product Details
This puffy pooch zips up and inflates via and battery pack and fan that are built into the interior. Instantly, your little one is transformed into a friendly brown pooch with a collar and a tail. Sure, this costume is missing a pup’s cuddly fur, but did we mention you also don’t need to pick up after this inflatable canine? Family PetWhen you do finally get that puppy for your kid, make sure it’s a cute brown one, just like this costume. That way, your child can dress like their own family pet next Halloween!

Brand: Joyin

Gender: Unisex

Size: M

Color: Brown

Material: Nylon


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Kids Inflatable Dog Costume

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