Kid’s Inflatable Alien Costume

They Come in Peace (Mostly) What was that silver flash overhead? Was it a bird, a plane, or a flying creature from the planet Krypton? None of the above, actually: It appears to be a spaceship filled with strange green beings holding blasters! Run and hide! Oh wait, don’t do that. That never ends well in science fiction books or movies. Perhaps the beings can be befriended by offering them fresh-baked cookies or some other form of treat. 

Product Details
From the outer reaches of the galaxy comes this awesome, exclusive Inflatable Green Alien Costume for Kids! The unisex bodysuit is made of sturdy polyester windbreaker fabric in a striking shade of neon green. It zips up the back and has elastic at the wrists and ankles to ensure a snug fit. A battery-powered fan is installed at the back of the right hip to keep the outfit fully inflated while in use. The fully-enclosed head is printed with alien facial features and has a mesh view port sewn into the alien’s “mouth.” Visitors from Outer SpaceGreetings, earthlings! Please do not be alarmed. We have not come to destroy your puny planet. Instead, we simply wish to observe your customs and carry our findings back to our home planet of Mars. To begin with, we would like more information on the holiday that you call “Halo Een.” What a fascinating concept! If possible, we wish to experience this thing known as “trick or treating,” purely for anthropological purposes, of course. Please do not give us raisins, however. Aliens are allergic to them. Candy is just fine. 

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: Black & Green

Material: Nylon


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Kid’s Inflatable Alien Costume

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