Kids ICEE Blue Costume

Brain Freeze! Few things were more gratifying as a child than walking into a convenience store, pouring a big blue ICEE, and heading to the front to grab a pack of Pokemon cards. What a top-notch combo. On the walk home, we would tear into the cards, rifle through them, and suck down enough ICEE to give us the inevitable brain freeze. Sure, in theory we could take it slow, but there’s no pacing yourself when that sweet, sweet blue stuff is staring up at you from your left hand.

Design & Details
You can give your child the gift of ICEE this Halloween season and help them experience some of that sweet nostalgia with this ICEE Blue Kids Costume. The tunic features a big, body-sized blue ICEE that could give you a brain freeze just by being near it! The straw wraps around your little ones head to make for a cute, compact, and simple costume that will make any kid feel like the coolest convenience store goodie at the party. Grab a pair of discreet sneakers, a long sleeve shirt, and matching pants and they’ll be good to go. Oh, and if you’re feeling up for it, you can surprise them with an even bigger blue ICEE by donning the adult version of the same costume! Try your best to pace yourselves!

Brand: Morris Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: 06-Apr

Color: Blue & Red & White

Material: Polyester


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Kids ICEE Blue Costume

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