Kids How to Train Your Dragon Hiccup Classic Costume

Take FlightIt has been a long time since dragons were merely the ferocious beasts that flew on wings of terror. Sure, some of them are still pretty intimidating, but we’ve all grown. We see them now as the amazing creatures they are. Brilliant. Strong. Each with their own unique and adapting qualities. Of course, we’ve changed too! We’re their biggest fans, now, and that means we’re all eager to finally find a dragon of our very own. Well, if your tyke is looking to train a dragon, it means that they’ve got some work to do. Remember, those dragons are pretty dangerous critters. Until they know what you’re asking, it’s pretty risky. A kiddo might get a dragon too excited by rubbing its belly and, suddenly, there is a gout of fire that is going everywhere! Dare try to tickle a sleeping Hotburble, for example, and you’re likely to get squashed when it falls over! Fortunately, we can take some lessons from Hiccup to avoid some of those troubles. 

Design & Details
Get your kiddo ready for all the dragon fun they can muster when you give them this officially licensed Hiccup costume from How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. This jumpsuit is designed to look like Hiccup’s dragonscale battle armor and includes a foam collar and shoulders. A molded plastic mask fits with an elastic strap and gives your tyke the ferocious look of Hiccup’s dragon helm. Perfect for the most recent film or the next generation of dragon trainers! A New Trainer ApproachesHiccup has done everything to change Berkian society and now your kiddo can do the same for your homestead with this dragonscale armor costume. We recommend picking your favorite dragon costume for another kiddo or at least a stuffed buddy to help your little Hiccup learn the ropes.

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Male

Size: 12-Oct

Color: Black

Material: Polyester


Price are correct at time of publishing and are subject to change. 

Kids How to Train Your Dragon Hiccup Classic Costume