Kid’s Holographic Disco Pants

You Should Be Dancing Can we let you in on a secret? We LOVE to disco! This retro craze is back to stay, and we are all about it. Where else can you find such awesome dance moves? The Bump and the Hustle are easy and fun. The YMCA gets everyone – even the people who claim they can’t dance – waving their arms and singing along. And who can forget the iconic Bus Stop, or the Funky Chicken? Just thinking about them makes us want to groove!

Product Details
If you’re busting out your best moves, you should have a pair of pants rad enough to really show off your dancing skills! These exclusive Holographic Disco Kid’s Pants are just what you need! The shiny, iridescent material catches the light of the disco ball and turns your legs into moving rainbows. Far out!  Don’t Stop Til You Get EnoughWho can get enough of dancing when your moves and outfit are both bomb? Pair these pants with a statement shirt, maybe one with a paisley print or an oversized collar, and you’ll be ready to shake it all night long!  

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: L

Color: Gray

Material: Polyester


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Kid’s Holographic Disco Pants

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