Kids Harry Potter Slytherin Skirt

Show That Slytherin PrideIt’s been years and years since Slytherin made a dark name for itself in the Harry Potter series, and now, it’s totally cool to be a Slytherin again! Cunning, ambition, leadership, and resourcefulness that’s what the Sorting Hat saw in your child when it shouted “Slytherin!” at the Sorting Ceremony. Another stately snake in the family. Congrats!Show your gal you are happy to welcome her into the family house by sending this Kid’s Harry Potter Slytherin Skirt by owl post. She will love to wear her new house colors around Hogwarts with pride! Or perhaps you have a muggle relative somewhere who really wishes they were a part of the magical world (uh, who doesn’t?). Send them this skirt and help turn their Halloween into a Hogwarts dream! They can even tell their friends that their look came from a real witch or wizard. How cool is that?
Product Details
This gray A-line skirt is officially licensed and features green and silver pleats at the hem to represent Slytherin’s house colors. The house crest also adorns the left hip, and the skirt can be worn with a coordinating house tie and school robes (sold separately) for a complete Potions-class-ready look. 

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Girls

Size: XL

Color: Gray & Green

Material: Polyester

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Kids Harry Potter Slytherin Skirt

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