Kids Halo Infinite Master Chief Muscle Costume

Start of a LegacyWho could have known on the brisk March day in 2511 that a legend would be born? That this young child would one day grow to be the most decorated war veterans in the United Nations Space Command. Who could have guessed that a gap-toothed kiddo would prove to be the ultimate in early Spartan-II training and would go on to win safety for millions for the next thirty-some years! ? Well, we suppose Cortana had a pretty good guess. But where did it start? Turns out that Master Chief”117 may have begun some five hundred years earlier with your kiddo!  

Product Details
 Bring the fun of Halo to the doorstep of your Earthling with this officially licensed Halo Infinite: Master Chief Muscle costume for kids. This jumpsuit fits easily with hook and loop strips down the back and features fiberfill padding down the torso and arms. Your tyke might excel at the Spartan training, but this costume will help them zoom through it! A plastic molded half mask fits over your Master Chief’s face, staying comfy thanks to foam and elastic, and fastening with hooks and loops. Add one of our Halo mock weapons and gear up as Cortana for a true video game experience. 

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Male

Size: 08-Jul

Color: Black & Green

Material: Polyester


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Kids Halo Infinite Master Chief Muscle Costume

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