Kids Halo Infinite Master Chief Full Helmet

Built Mjolnir StrongWhat does “Built Mjolnir Strong” mean? In short, it means your noggin can withstand half a Needler clip, or three bursts from a Battle Rifle, one whole frag, a beatdown by another, adversarial Spartan, a few slaps upside the head from Sergeant Johnson, or a big whack by one of those brutish Covenant Hunters. This is the type of protection a tried-and-true Mjolnir Mark IV helmet like this can offer a young Spartan — earning it the clever tagline of “Built Mjolnir Strong.” Just don’t lose it!Design & DetailsThis Halo Infinite Child Master Chief Full Helmet will keep your little one’s noggin just as protected as Master Chief’s in the classic video game series Halo. No Halo costume would be complete without it. And best of all, you can flip it upside down and use it as a candy holder if your pillowcase or burlap sack gets too full! Keep in mind that it features a real amber-tinted visor you can view when you pop this comfortable thing on, which allows a useable but limited field of view — so make sure there will be no dangerous motor vehicles, like a Ghost or Banshee, operated with it on. Go get that candy!!

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Boys

Size: One-Size

Color: Yellow & Green

Material: Plastic

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Kids Halo Infinite Master Chief Full Helmet

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