Kids Halo Infinite Master Chief Full-Face Mask

No Rest for the HeroWe don’t think Master Chief ever rests. It seems like some kind of evil alien force is always threatening humanity, and that means Master Chief needs to suit up for battle! (We secretly think that he’s never taken that helmet of his off.) Perhaps your child could help him get a quick break in. All your child needs to do is don this Halo Infinite Master Chief Full Face Mask and they’ll be ready to lead the SPARTAN-II commandos on the next big mission.

Product Details
Inspired by the latest version of Master Chief’s helmet, this molded plastic mask fits with an elastic band around the back of the head. It features foam blocks in the interior to help provide a comfortable fit. The front features an amber-tinted visor to recreate the classic look worn by John-117, better known as Master Chief. It’s the easiest way to become the classic video game hero!

Brand: Dillon Inc.

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: Yellow & Green

Material: Plastic


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Kids Halo Infinite Master Chief Full-Face Mask

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