Kids Green Grasshopper Costume

One for the NetKids and bugs have a special relationship. There’s an aura of wonder mixed with delightful ickiness. Kids have a knack for finding gross things and enjoying them, something that we adults sometimes forget as we mature. Did you ever have one of those bug net cages growing up? They were perfect for capturing caterpillars, beetles, and several varietys of grasshopper. The way those guys jumped, and the spiky feeling of their back legs in your palm”okay, maybe we’re grossing you out, but it’s all an adventure to a child! Your kid will love playacting as an insect in this Kids Grasshopper Costume.

Product Details
This costume is very green and very leggy! The back of the costume is a dark green, while the six limbs and underbelly are a paler green. The defensive spines along the limbs are yellow fabric. The head is formed out of the hood, with the help of some foam. But the best part of this costume? Those long back legs! Instead of using the child’s legs, this costume makes them out of foam that juts away from the hips before connecting to the feet. That way, they bend just like a grasshopper’s legs! To wear, simply put your child’s arms into the top sleeves and their head into the hood, and then connect the elastic at the hands and feet to secure the costume. Let’s bounce! Jumping for JoyBy now, your child will be leaping, jumping, and pouncing all over the house. Maybe it’s time to by an extra large butterfly net! You could be a bug collector, as part of a family costume. Or you could dress up like a grasshopper, too! Check out our website to find adult sized grasshopper costumes. Now you can both leap through the neighborhood!  

Brand: Morris Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: Green & Orange

Material: Polyester Foam


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Kids Green Grasshopper Costume

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