Kids Godzilla VS Kong Godzilla Costume

Rise of a Legend Humans. They think they own everything. While they’re busy building their little cities and puny high-rise skyscrapers, you rest peacefully on Gojira Airando, biding your time. This world was yours well before any other beings besides your fellow Titans walked its surface. They may fear you. They may be in awe of you. They may place bets on who will win a fight between you and the giant ape. But they will never guess that Godzilla will become their hero when he and Kong defeat the MechaGodzilla, a creature of their own making. Never mess with the originals – Godzilla will always be number one!  

Product Details
 Give us your best roar! This officially licensed Godzilla vs. Kong Godzilla Costume for Kids is a legend-worthy outfit for Halloween or any time of the year. The dark gray jumpsuit slips on easily and is printed all over with scale graphics. The boot covers each feature four light gray “claws.” A long, stuffable tail attaches to the jumpsuit’s seat and is perfect for swishing and knocking over large buildings. Gray spines with electric blue detail march fearsomely down the back and tail. The mask covers the face and is molded to have Godzilla’s terrifying face, snout and teeth. Eye holes and a mouth hole let you see, talk and breathe comfortably. Atomic breath not included. Might of a MonsterSpread your fame across the neighborhood this year when you wear this epic costume! Everyone will want to catch a glimpse of the mighty legend in their midst. 

Brand: Rubies Costume Co. Inc

Gender: Male

Size: L

Color: Brown & Gray

Material: Polyester


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Kids Godzilla VS Kong Godzilla Costume

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