Kids Giant Alien Inflatable Costume

We Come for TreatsOur single Mars contact had some interesting news the last time they phoned from home. It turns out the alien invasion is planned for Halloween. We didnt like the sound of that at first. But as our contact continued to share their intel, it made perfect sense.Did you know theres no chocolate or gummies on Mars? After alien scouts watched human children earn the sweet treats for doing nothing more than dressing strangely and knocking on neighbors doors, they knew to get the goods theyd need to participate in the odd ritual. The only hitch? They need guides to show them how its done. At least, for their first trick-or-treat.

Product Details
With this Giant Alien Inflatable Costume for Kids, your child is ready to lead our intergalactic pals to a very happy Halloween. This frightfully fun jumpsuit goes on easily with the help of a zipper on the back. Extending from the base of the aliens head to just below the waistline, your child will find a large opening to step into the legs of the costume. Once zipped up, with their arms through the sleeves and face through the oval cutout on the front, they need only power on the fan to give the costume its plump shape. The attached shoe covers obscure your childs most comfortable shoes so they can enjoy a night full of trick-or-treating without messing with their alien illusion. Meanwhile, large black teardrop eyes and a little smile are appliqued to the alien’s face, guaranteeing the neighborhood knows this goofy guest comes in peace!

Brand: Morphsuits

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: Black & Green

Material: Polyester


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Kids Giant Alien Inflatable Costume

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