Kid’s Fortnite Drift Costume

Not Exactly NarniaIt seemed like such a normal day. All you wanted to do was perform a little petty vandalism, spray-paint some art on the side of a wall, maybe grab a burger afterward. Instead, a rift sucks you into an alternate world, full of battles to the death and big shooty guns. Spray paint cans and a talent for graffiti wont help you much on Fortnite Island! Thats okay, though, because adaptable is your middle name. Grab your trusty sidekick, the Drift Hop Flopper, and get ready to explore! Just remember to avoid the toxic storm.

Product Details
Youll be the fiercest player in the game when you wear your officially licensed Fortnite Childs Drift Costume! Send competitors running with your molded plastic mask that is modeled to look like a kitsunes face, complete with pointed ears. The mask has padding inside to keep it comfortable when you are pinned down in a firefight or running for your life. Zip up Drifts Stage Two red hoodie: Made of 100 percent polyester, we bet that its as comfortable as the real deal. It will have to be if youre fighting in it all day! The hoodie has two functioning pockets to keep your survival gear.Last Man StandingSurvive to see another day in your cool-looking Drift mask and hoodie! Not having superpowers ourselves, we werent sure how to test the costume to make sure it holds up against your talent for lightning. Youll have to let us know how it works!

Brand: InSpirit

Gender: Unisex

Size: L

Color: Red

Material: Polyester


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Kid’s Fortnite Drift Costume

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