Kid’s Cutthroat Pirate Costume

It’s been tough for the once lofty career pirates. Invent a couple airplanes and suddenly nobody is traveling by ship anymore! The old pirates who were especially skilled and capable of finding the best treasures have mostly retired and moved to what they claim is “somewhere warm.” Pirates retiring to Florida!? That’s just depressing. Where is the adventure!?But, all hope isn’t lost. There is another faction of would-be pirates just waiting to be picked up and brought to the seas for a long life of pilfering and swashbuckling. They’re energetic and learn faster than anyone a Seven Seas captain has ever encountered. They can climb like mad and, trust us, they will climb on anything! And, best yet, hardly any of them have ever had a paycheck, so they are ready to work for a pittance of the profit! That last one can get you in trouble with certain labor laws, but you’re a pirate! Can’t imagine that bothers you We’re talking about a whole new league of kiddo pirates! And, you can garb up your newest in this Kid’s Cutthroat Pirate costume to transform the tyke into a dangerous looking rebel. The black and red color scheme speaks danger! The shirt comes accented with a crisp white collar and bell sleeves, edged by stripes of faux leather and black cord. Wrist cuffs give your new pillager an edge of danger while the cropped pants are sure to keep the kid ready to climb up the mainsail for any number of tasks. Accessorize the scum with an eye patch, pistol, or a good old fashioned cutlass and you’ll be ready for all the pirating you’ve longed for. Available in adult and plus sizes so you can have your full crew up and ready in no time.

Brand: California Costume Collection

Gender: Boys

Size: M

Color: Black

Material: Polyester

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Kid’s Cutthroat Pirate Costume

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